Know your rights

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1. If immigration, police or FBI agents attempt to enter your house: DO NOT open the door.

Ask the officers to identify themselves and show a “warrant” from under the door.

Verify that the warrant authorizes them to enter your specific address and property.

2. Officers must have a warrant to enter. 

The warrant should include the word “WARRANT” & your address.

If it does not, the officers are not authorized to enter and you should not give them permission.

3. If the officers enter anyway. 

Do not try to stop them.

Tell them that they do not have your permission to enter.

Try to get their names or badge numbers to file a complaint later.

4. If officers have a warrant. 

They may enter your home but can ONLY search for people or items listed in the warrant.

Verify this information before they enter your home.

5. If detained, exercise your right to remain silent. 

You do not have to speak to an officer.

You can remain silent or tell the officer you want to speak to an attorney or your consulate first.

You do not have to answer questions or present documents with your name, age, national origin, birthplace, or immigration status.

Do not sign anything you do not understand.

6. Do not lie to officers. 

Do not present false documents or lie.

This will only make the situation worse.

7. Make emergency plans.


If you are arrested, remember … 

You have the right to remain silent and not answer questions.

You have the right to ask to speak with your attorney or consulate.

Do not sign documents that you do not understand.


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